Ma'assalamah 2009, Ahlan Wasahlan 2010

ا سلام عليکم ورحمة الله وبرکاته

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

We're just 6 days away from a brand new year of 2010. The year of 2009 seems to be another memorable and meaningful year for me. As time passes by, I came to understand what it really feels to have responsibilities on my shoulder. Hearing my dad say that one day I'll eventually take over his place in taking care of things did scare me for a moment.. Yet he said that, as long as we believe in ourselves and have faith in God, Insya-Allah things will turn out fine.

He also said that, we should never have regrets about our mistakes because they happen for a reason. Mistakes are bound to be made to teach us about lessons in life. Finally, I begin to believe that time does heal almost anything. Back then when I just lost my late grandmother in 2006, it felt as though those words were far from reality but as time passes, I knew that feeling sad over it will not make things better and certainly being sad about it would be the last thing my grandmother would've wanted me to do. She used to say that she has so much faith in me and now its my turn to prove it and strive my way to success. It all starts with ourself, our dreams, our efforts and our prayers. Never say die until you try - the words that helped me a lot when I needed it.

After what I went through in life, I realized that everything indeed has its price. We need to lose something in order to gain another and its all worth-while if we're willing to be patient throughout the trials and tribulations. Pain has taught me how to be strong, tears has taught me how to smile. Allah S.W.T has been very Merciful upon me in my every breath and I can't be grateful enough for that. From each person that I knew, they have taught me so much about the values in appreciating life.

Until then, may we all do better by each step that we make and have faith that Allah S.W.T will always guide us with His Grace, Insya-Allah Amiin Ya Rabbal 'Alamiin.

Ma'assalamah 1430H/2009, Ahlan Wasahlan 1431H/2010.

p/s: To everyone who knows me, syukran jazilan for our ukhwah fillah and i love all of you fid-dunya wal-akhirah Insya-Allah. Amiin. Barakallahu fikum, wassalamu'alaikum wrt wbt.
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